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Are you looking for some cycling inspiration? Do you live in or near The Hague? Then this is the right place for you. I keep this blog to tell about my cycling trips. Most routs ar from Wassenaar, near The Hague. But you will also find multiple day trips in The Netherlands and other countries. If possible I post a map and a downloadable gps track.

Why I like cycling... and why you will love it.

For me, cycling is a perfect way to relax, exercise and enjoy my environment. Unless the weather is horrible or I am traveling, I go out for a bicycle ride once or twice a week. I have a Santos travel bicycle. For many years I used to ride a racing bicycle, but a travel bike is more practical under all circumstances. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and may be download a few tracks for your own pleasure.

Longer trips to European countries

Once or twice a year I make longer trips. You will find information about routes in France, England/ Scotland, Germany, Spain and Denmark.

Windmill near Delft

Round tours from Wassenaar (single day)

If you know where to go, there is a lot of nice bicycle riding around The Hague. You can avoid busy areas and roads. My tracks start from Wassenaar and vary from 60 to around 150 kilometers. Over time I will select a few of my favourites.

Here you can see an overview of these trips.

Round tours from Wassenaar (2 – 4 days)

The Netherlands is famous for its bicycle roads and the huge amount of bicycles. Still it is mostly very quiet when you make a tour.  Here is an overview of my tracks: Round tours from Wassenaar (2-4 days)

No ferry on Sunday in Ameide
route to Jutland

Germany – Denmark

I cycled a few times from The Netherlands to Denmark. The route starts in the East of The Netherlands in Emmen. View my post for this experience: By bicycle to Jutland (Denmark)


In 2017 we made a one week tour in Normandy, France. We started in Lisieux, where we also finished. We followed routes from Dutch guides (‘Normandië en Bretagne, tussen Ansjovis en Anjou’ en ‘Fietsen rond het Kanaal, deel 2 West-Frankrijk’). The gps routes are protected. See my post about this trip here: Cycling in Normandy – Bretagne, France (spring 2017)

Cycling in Bretagne overview
Arrival in Santiago de Compostela by bicycle
Arrival in Santiago de Compostela by bicycle

Spain – Via de la Plata

This famous pilgrim route is also available as a cycling route. In May 2014 we cycled from Sevilla in the South all the way to Santiago de Compostella in the North. I wrote a blog post every day:

Via de la Plata: from Sevilla to Santiago de Compostela

England – Scotland

As part of the North Sea Cycling Route, we visited England in 2015. We came back for the next stretch, but decided to take a different route: Newcastle – Edinburgh – Glasgow, then by train to Carlisle and from Carlisle back to Newcastle. Here is my extended blog post: Cycling at the English-Scottish border.

Jos at the Scottish border
Jos at the Scottish border
Arnhem - Berlin map R1 cycle route
Arnhem - Berlin map R1 cycle route

Germany – R1 to Berlin

The R1 is part of a long route from the North of France via Belgium and The Netherlands to Berlin. From Berlin the route continues through Poland, the Baltic states and Russia to St. Petersburg.  We covered the route from France to Berlin. The eastern part is on our wish list. This is the route we cycled in 2016 from The Netherlands (Arnhem) to Berlin. My blog post is here: Arnhem (Netherlands) – Berlin.

Some photography

Most of my cycling is in The Netherlands and starting from Wassenaar (were I live), near The Hague. Since I love photography, I will try to illustrate my cycling posts with some photographs. Interested in more of my images? Visit Eric de Jong Photography.

Me and my shadow