Een rondje Den Haag – Nijmegen – Limburg en terug

The Hague – Limburg round tour

These are the tracks of my tour to the South of The Netherlands. I cycled this tour to visit friends in Nijmegen and Sittard. The full route is around 465km.

Track 1

The first part goes mostly along the big rivers. It is flat until the end, where there are a few very moderate hills.

Track 2

Track 2 runs through the asparagus region. In Limburg there are a few hills, but nothing serious. If you are not from Holland, you will not even notice them.

Track 3

Track 3 is not so interesting. It runs along busy roads. I have to find a better road, but for the time being, it is not to bad if you want to make some kilometers.

Track 4

Track 4 is the longest stretch. It leads through fields and forests during the first part. Later it is busy. I changed the route near Breda, because the route I cycled (following the bicycle signs to Dordrecht) was very complex and uninteresting.

From Dordrecht I followed my preferred track along the high way, but still perfect for cyclists. In Rotterdam I took the ferry for foot passengers (during weekends you need to take the bridge). From there it is all cycle paths to The Hague / Wassenaar.

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