Via de la Plata. Day 1. A difficult day

my bicycle

We planned to ride this tour with the four of us as a team, but sadly, Kees has to return home. One of his children needs to undergo urgent surgery in hospital. First Kees’ son told him to stay in Spain, but under these circumstances Kees wants to be at home. Hopefully everything will be all right.

So we started with the three of us (Kees also wanted us to start today) with a bit of a strange feeling.

The official pilgrims tour starts with a visit to the Geralda cathedral in the heart of the city. There was a holy mass with beautifull singing in this sacred space. It was, more than we anticipated, a very moving moment.
The concierge gave us our first formal stamp in our Peregrino pass. This proves that we are real pilgrims, getting the benefits of staying overnight in special hostels.

We asked one of the beggars to take our photo and made him make some money.

lunch in the shade 1
lunch in the shade 2

Fortunately I have the GPS track of the route in my iPhone, which helped us finding our way out of the city. All together it was a slow start if we count the kilometers.

The road was fine, not too busy and after about 25 kilometers we turned to quiet roads. But it also started to rise and rise and rise. The day that started as a mild spring day, became very hot in the afternoon (above 30 C). There was very little shade, but we found it when we needed it: to repair a flat tire and for lunch.

After 70 km’s we arrived in the very inviting village of Almadén de la Plata, where we decided to finish our tour for today. We stay in the very friendly Casa Conchia.

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